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Go check out the Advice of one of our favorite Entrepreneurs/ Businessman.... Gary Vee!  We're learning to Grow Our Brand here at B.G.L.U.... so we're inviting you all on the Journey to Build yours too! 


We're taking a Note from these mindful men..... Embracing vulnerability and the Importance of Learning to Heal!  Check Out the wise words of Davonte Sanders-Funches also in this Issue of Healthy Habits 

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Catch up with what happened at the close of the Summer - and see what you should be looking for in the start of Fall.  Sports, Hip Hop and Entertainment are all covered here - just click the Link 

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In this Segment we spotlight on Good things happening in our Community..... if you have something to Share - Email & Let Us Know


B.G.L.U. is putting the Spotlight on one of the Hottest new Spots to go for a Good Time in the City - Rollin Clt!  See what we learned about these ladies in our interview!


Check out the Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the eRolodex to see who you need to be shopping with this Season & Our 1st Entrepreneur Promotion video on our YouTube channel

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