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We are taking notes from 19_Keys in this issue of B.G.L.U.'s Healthy Habits!  Paying more attention to your mental... in addition to your physical or financial is a real flex.


In this issue of Professional Prowess we are giving just a small glimpse of a conversation had by amazing women of such diverse backgrounds - but with many commonalities.

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Our Beloved, Michelle Obama along with Mama Tina Knowles shares their Wisdom & Love with with us (the audience) - while showing so much Love and Admiration for one another.  Go Check It Out!

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If it's For the Culture.... it's for Us! Everything from the Flyest of them All... to the Beauty that is Our Favorite Fenty Mama... and the Most Valuable Players in the Game.  This is the Link with it All 

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In this Segment we spotlight on Good things happening in our Community..... if you have something to Share - Email & Let Us Know


Sorry for the Wait!  We are so Proud to Share this Work with You All.  Major Salute to Shon White - FameUs Production - for his Amazing Videography and Bigg B for having Us.


Check out the Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the eRolodex to see who you need to be shopping with this Season and Supporting in your City & Our 1st Entrepreneur Promotion video on our YouTube channel

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