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In this Issue of B.G.L.U. we are excited to share some Big News with our subscribers ..... and make some exciting and unexpected  introductions!!  Go to the "About" tab to see what News we're sharing and what Brilliance we want to introduce

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         Healthy Habits 

When we think of getting in shape... we can mold our environment to our liking - the same way we wish to mold and shape our Bodies.  Check out this issue of Healthy Habits to see the best way we've seen it done this Summer 

B.G.L.U. had the pleasure of being a part of a woman's empowerment brunch in Charlotte, NC.  Catch the recap highlights of the event.... and a candid post-event interview with the beautiful hosts Dequonna Wise and Jametta Chandler-Moore in this issue of Professional Prowess 

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The Culture has been on Fire ALL Summer... in this Issue of B.G.L.U. we are sending salutes to Boss Moves, Fly Fashion and Legendary exhibitions!  

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In this Segment we spotlight on Good things happening in our Community..... if you have something to Share - Email & Let Us Know


We have been busy thus far this year.... but full of Gratitude for the events we've been blessed to cover this year.  In this issue of HoneGrown Highlights- see footage of the 2023 Met Experience held at the Grand Bohemian Hotel (Charlotte).  This spectacular event was curated and produced by N.C.'s own Demetris Faison, CEO of Deveilope Events and Dapper Couture.

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Check out the Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the eRolodex to see who you need to be shopping with this Season and Supporting in your City  

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