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HomeGrown HighLights

Homegrown Highlights is what B.G.L.U. is All About .  As Beautiful and Ambitious Women.. we are indeed Our Sister's Keepers..... but can also be the Partners & Supporters to our Brothers!  Here is where we select one Businesses and Brands to Highlight by sharing their views and opinions on topics relevant to Who they Are and What They Do!  By Shining a Light on some of our favorite Homegrown Entrepreneurs who are Paving their Own Paths... We Hope to Inspire others to do the Same as they Chase their Dreams,  

HomeGrown Highlights 

There is nothing like being able to look at people that come from the same place as you.... and see Possibility!!  This issue of Brilliant Girls Link Up we are sharing some of the footage from one of the most Elegant and talked about events that has happened in Charlotte so far this year.... the 2023 MET Experience.  It is even more special for B.G.L.U to have had this amazing opportunity to be there because the man behind it all was Demetrius Faison, CEO of DeVeilope Events and Dapper Couture.  Demetris jumped in the Event PLanning and Design game early and he is blazing his own path.... and has so much more in store.  Check out this Glamorous glimpse of what can be expected at his Green Movement events in this B.G.L.U. Vision - YouTube clip. 

Previously Featured....

B.G.L.U. is Expanding our Brand - to capture Events with some of our Favorite "HomeGrown" entrepreneurs at the Port City - Rip the Runway!  Check Out this Coverage & Interviews of Fashion, Fun & Family!

This was such a Fun Interview... and more importantly - a great story about determination, trust and believing!   B.G.L.U. in production with 3D_Shon -interviewing the owners of Rollin' Clt

Check Out Our HomeGirl Highlight of Sheena & Company of Charlotte, NC 



Check Out our First LIVE Homegirl Highlight with the Owner of CocoYoni Lounge of Charlotte, NC 


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IG: @brishaabri 
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IG: @alphahaw17
Location: 1433 Emerywood Dr Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28210 
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IG: @vspa_charlotte
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