For the Culture...

If it's For the Culture... it's for Us!!  We don't Define Culture by Geography or Color... or by Language or Area Codes - we Define Our Culture EVERYDay when We quote Lyrics from Our Favorite Artist... in the Intellect of a spontaneous conversation with a Friend about the current Economy.... in the Passion of a Friendly argument about Who's the Best Player in the League or Who's the Best Rapper in the Game at the moment.  Our Culture is defined Each Time We put together a Fly Outfit comprised of Apparel You may have Picked based on Trend, or Budget, or Your Mood at the Moment  .... Each Time we Incorporate a little Piece of All of the Things that make Us - Who We Are. in our day-to-day Routine 

If you like to Keep your Ear to what's Going On....Here is Where You can Keep Up.... Everything We talk about Here is.... For the Culture!!

Baby Tees..... Bold shades of Blue and Green.....Patterns and Stripes 
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   Hunny listen...... Brilliant Girls Link Up is looking forward to all that the wind down from Summer and the start to Fall has to offer - and even more excited about all the things Fall brings like boots, button downs and your favorite denim!!  Fashion is offering up a plethora of fun with this season's bold color and busy print!! There are all shades of green... and various shades of blue... with denim and baby tees to pair with it.  

    Some of our favorite neon hues will be paired with a variety of prints - which always makes it easy to mix it up more during the transitional season. Oh - and if you like to keep it simple but sexy... no worries - there will be plenty of texture to add to your favorite garment or accent piece.

The fashion this season is real chill but carrying the same sensuality from Summer... and we are here for all of it!  Take these tips and go get ya pieces together!


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   lion pride nationwide 
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    The Pride of a Lion is Strong!!  If you are from Charlotte, North Carolina or heven if you just stop and stay for a while.... you've heard of the West Charlotte Lions!!  The past year has been quite a journey for the Lions Den.... one of many memories and lots of emotion.  After years of discussion about the condition of the campus - the city approved the renovation of one of the oldest high school campuses in the city.  

       After a Championship 2001-2022 Backetball Season..... and final blueprints and initial groundbreaking of the land from which the new building would be built - the biggest transition the school has seen is happening now!  With a new structure and a new principal... the Lions are excited to see what the 2022-2023 school year will bring.  To celebrate the history... the love and memories shared in the old buildings... and tobid a farewell to West Charlotte High School as always known it.... West Charlotte Day was one for the books1!  With alumni from generations that spanned as far as 50 years.... Lions from all over the map - came to see share laughs about good times and to show love and support of one another for the places life has taken us.

There is no question that Lion Pride is nationwide!!  Congratulations on a brand new start in the new building... and best of luck to the Cubs going into and young Lions going in this 2022-2023 School Year!!

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     Sports in the Spotlight!


     We can not let the topic of sports be discussed in this issue of B.G.L.U without showing Love and Support to the U.S.A. Basketball Star - Brittney Griner.  After spending years giving her own contribution of her time and talent to play abroad in Russia - Brittney has spent the past seven months in a Russian jail.  

    After finding one gram of vape oil in her luggage, as she was set to board a flight home - Brittney was setained.  IN the midst of a war between Russia and Ukraine - she is facing nin years in prison.. as the U.S> claims to be working behind the scenes to return her home sooner.

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you Brittney - we hope to see you returned Home Safely and Soon!

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      The world of sports also leaves much to be determined for many teams!  The Carolina Panthers are in the process of getting their lineup strong and ready for another season!  With new quarterback Baker Mayfield at the helm... the Panthers are looking forward to a new dynamic on the field. 
   They are not alone as the PIttsburgh Steelers are also working to build up their team again.  Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett will work to secure the starting quarterback spot.... while leading the offensive line into a new season.

   Caresha Please... !!

     We LIIIVVVEEE for a good interview here at Brilliant Girls Link Up.... and someof the most entertaining and authentic interviews are the best.  This Summer Revolt TV premiered the new show with Young Miami of the City Girls...... Caresha Please!!

     Young Miami - birth name, Caresha is entertaining us with some very fun and candid interviews.. with everyone from Diddy.. to Kevin Gates and Meghan Thee Stallion!!  She is having fun with the guests, and true to who she is - asking and saying the unexpected.  The light and honest feel of each interview is what brings us back for more.

Tune in to Revolt TV and catch Caresha giving Smoke and good Laughs on her sow Caresha Please!!

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    Fall in Love with these.... Sounds and Scenes of the Summer

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     The Summer was Everything we needed it to be as far as Music and the scenery from television to movie screens is concerned.  Kendrick Lamar gave an album that could be considered gospel according to Hip Hop.. titled Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers.  His messages target a number of things that impact humanity and the direction that we are headed in terms of morals and values.  

      Drake already let it be known that he is a Lover Boy - but this Summer he decided to pay the typical Popn sound no nevermind with his album titled "Honestly, Nevermind".  Queen Bey kept everyone buzzing through the season with the release of her album Renaissance.  Both Drake and Beyonce's albums took us to places of familiarity while at the same time - new direction... and we're her for it.

     There were plenty of hot collaborations to bop or bob your head to all Summer.  City Girls paired up with Usher for a hot single "Good Love" - giving all the good feels of the Summer.  And of course Cardi B had to bring the heat with her single "Hot Shit" featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk.  The whole track was blazing with each delivering hot bars. 

     We are hoping these singles are a prelude to albums that are in the works for both City Girls and Cardi B.  We'll see what the fall and winter bring.

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  Hip Hop Highlight ....

    When you walk in your purpose... no matter how far the distance - it will not go without  notice!!  In honor of his talent in music, in addition to his impact on his community - even after his passing ... Nipsey Hussle received a Hollywood star!!

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    Television has been quite entertaining as well... with a number of shows making some drastic pivots, with unexpected character development and plot twists!!  From the production of 50 Cent and Tyler Perry.... from Starz to BET - we are glued to the screen.  Some of our favorite shows like Sistas and All the Queens Men are developing each character carefully; while we learn more about our favorite artists in documentaries like the Murder Inc. story.  The writers of P-Valley and Raising Kanan are raising the stakes with Plot twists that take the audience on an unexpected journey.  If scripted isn't your vibe... check out the interviews being done by Angie Martinez and Kevin Hart... so many jewels for you to pick up and carry into life each day from legends in all industries.  We are looking forward to see more this Fall.

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   Bad Booooyyyy.......!!  

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     If there is one Hip Hop mogul that we admire for their work ethic, true passion and determination - it's Diiddyyy!  It's clear that we are not alone in that sentiment - as Diddy was "given his flowers" this Summer - as the 2022 recipient of the 2022 BET Lifetime achievement award!!  Real hip hop heads know his story - but could hear it a million times because we love the story of nothing to something - real grind.  


      His life has been full of ups and downs that have played out in front of cameras - and he has pushed through it all.  Sean Combs is "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" personified.... as his documentary "Can't Stop - Won't Stop"is so is so cleverly titled.  His contribution to the culture is undeniable - and his love for his children is obvious.  He's made it evident that when you have a vision, if you're willing to work there is no limit - after all, you can't put God in a box.

     In his new endeavor of Love Records... he is proclaiming to be bringing R&B back.  With Revolt TV, Deleon and Ciroc.. he is still doing it all - moving on to more success in the future.

Salute to Sean Puffy" Combs for all of his accomplishments..... we are excited to see how you will continue to impact the music culture.  Thank for giving us the blueprint for the mogul mindset.


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Nicki Minaj won the 2022 VMA Video Vanguard Award!!  She has created some epic videos over the span of her career -with character play like Rom and pink wigs cut, colored and styled to perfection - she has killed it creatively.  Pushing the limits while pushing her pen - Congrats Nicki! 

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Here's what you have to See....

There are a couple of things that you must see this Season in television and film!!  HBO Max is serving up a very fresh production  by Issa Rae - "Rap Shit".

While in film... Viola Davis is giving us another look at her evolution as an actor in "The Woman King".  Just a couple things to keep your eye out for!!

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         People's Champ :   Serena Williams
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If there has ever been an athlete to change the face and atmosphere of a sport.... it is Serena Williams!  Brilliant Girls Link Up is recognizing Serena Williams as this issue's "People's Champ".  

As the world watched as she played her last U.S. Open both in the Singles matches, as well as the Doubles alongside her sister Venus - there were so manty emotions but mainly admiration.

     Fans of the sports superstar came from all over to see her leave it all on the court!!  Everyone from Bill Clinton, to Tiger Woods, Anna Wintour to Spike Lee and Gladys Knight was in the stands to witness greatness perhaps, for the last time!!        It was only right to see her share the court with her forever partner - her big sister, Venus- who she thanked tearfully in her farewell.  With a message from Oprah and cheers round for round - there was no question that Serena Williams made her mark on this sport and in this world.  She gave access to an arena that unheard of..... We LOVE You for that Serena and Congratulations on being One of the Greatest to step on any Court!!

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         HU$TLERS      &        HEROES 
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      Snoop Dogg 

      This issue of Brilliant Girls Link Up is giving the Hu$tlers and Heroes award to Uncle Snoop - better known as Snoop Dogg!  He has been a trend setter in hip hop for decades - but what makes him the Uncle of the Industry is that he manages to stay tapped into the culture and the cash.  Over the Summer he announced his acquiring Death Row records - which seems to really bring his career in music full circle.

      As one of the biggest artists to come out of the West Coast... knowing how long it has been since the West Coast had a defined sound, like the South now has - this is exciting for the culture.  He has a plethora of artists already signed to the label and either working on projects or strategically putting out music.  Artists like October London, Butch Cassidy and Jane Handcock signed to the label are bringing a new sound and feel to the music scene.

     In addition to the music - Snoop Dogg has also embarked on a deal with the Cardano blockchain to release a Clay Nation NFT Collection.  The collection will include music collectibles, music and other exclusive items.   This is forward thinking and a nice play to make an even bigger mark on music as blockchain will play an undeniable part in the future of assets and wealth.

B.G.L.U. is giving a Salute to you Snoop Dogg for being a true Hu$tler and a continued trend setter for the culture!

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