For the Culture...

If it's For the Culture... it's for Us!!  We don't Define Culture by Geography or Color... or by Language or Area Codes - we Define Our Culture EVERYDay when We quote Lyrics from Our Favorite Artist... in the Intellect of a spontaneous conversation with a Friend about the current Economy.... in the Passion of a Friendly argument about Who's the Best Player in the League or Who's the Best Rapper in the Game at the moment.  Our Culture is defined Each Time We put together a Fly Outfit comprised of Apparel You may have Picked based on Trend, or Budget, or Your Mood at the Moment  .... Each Time we Incorporate a little Piece of All of the Things that make Us - Who We Are. in our day-to-day Routine 

If you like to Keep your Ear to what's Going On....Here is Where You can Keep Up.... Everything We talk about Here is.... For the Culture!!

Sticking to the basics and Thinking Green this Fall/Winter Fashion Season 
Kelly Rowlnd - Green.PNG
Jayda - Green.PNG

  This Season. don't be afraid to stick to the basics when it comes to your fashion.  Staple pieces and primary colors will be all you need to make a statement while you're enjoying the cool weather and festive fun.  

     Winter is a favorite for fashion, because there are so many options for a fashionable ensemble -casual or dressy!  So here are some of our favorite winter fashion trends. A simple monochromatic look in any of the primary colors... red, blue or green hues will be on trend and you can dress it up or down however you like.

     The lovely Kelly Rowland absolutely understood the assignment - with her full length boots and coat.  The green flows well in many shades.... Jayda Cheaves hasn't missed a beat with the fashion per usual.  Everyone is channeling new money and good energy in the close of this year and coming of 2022.  2Chainz keeping it fly ..... he always gets it!!

Even on a chill trip - you can be cute and comfortable in a nice solid colored sweat suit or some cute neutral color joggers with a cool coat like Cardi.   You know B.G.L.U is always here for Black Love.... so we loved seeing Sup Cent and her beau in their matching, solid green sweat suits on their Bae-cation!

Have Fun with Your Fashion this Holiday season... but don't overthink it!!!

2Chainz - Gucci Green.PNG
Supa & Rayzor - Green.PNG
ardi - Mono-Blue.PNG
      Chef Curry with the 3-Point Shots 
Steph - 3 Ptr.PNG

         We know that the players in the NBA are competitive, many of whom work to outdo themselves... but there are not many opportunities to break statistical records of some of the league greats.  In the close of 2021, Steph Curry did exactly that, breaking the league's three-point record previously held by Hall of Famer Ray Allen.  2,974 shots would put him at the top of the top for three-point shooters in the NBA.  The Golden State Warrior Golden Child is still in the prime of his career and there is no chance of those hands cooling off any time soon!!  

        It is hard to imagine that there will be much competition for a contender to beat his record- but it will be fun to see who will try.  Drake got it right when he said "Chef Curry with the Pot" - fans love to watch him work.  Let's see what his number will be by the end of the season.  In the meantime, Salute to the Homeboy - Chef Curry - from Brilliant Girls Link Up.

  Leveling the Playing Field 

Coach Prime.PNG
   Deion Sanders - Head Coach, Jackson State University 
Davis - TD.PNG
Coach Buddy.PNG
Buddy Pough - Head Coach, South Carolina State University 

     This season in Sports has been surprising for a number of reasons.... but one of the biggest surprises was in college football.  At the start of the season, Deion Sanders shocked everyone when he accepted the head coach position at Jackson State University.  Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders is obviously known for being a legendary professional football player... affectionately nicknamed "Prime Time", also played as a professional baseball player.  It is nice to see him in a different light from the sidelines as both a coach and a father.  

      His sons hold their own as two of the stars of the team.  With the eldest son Shilo Sanders as a defensive back on the team, and his brother putting in work as the starting quarterback.  The family dynamic is parallel to the importance of family and legacy that HBCU's pride the traditions and history of the institutions on.  Perhaps Coach Prime's presence in this arena of coaching will prompt other retired athletes to take on coaching jobs at HBCU's in hopes of driving more interest and investment in black institutions.


      Deion Sanders' stepping up to this position in the 2021-22 College Football Season has already helped to level the playing field for the exposure that it is bringing to the numerous Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  The Celebration Bowl allowed for a Prime Time showdown in December 2021.... with Jackson State representing the Southwestern Atlantic Conference (SWAC) versus South Carolina State University representing the Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference (MEAC).    The SC State Bulldogs took home the Win with the leadership of Coach Buddy Pough and the support of their devoted fans.   The game was a big deal, but the support for the two teams was the real win.  ShoutOut to Coach Prime for bringing the spotlight to the talent hidden at HBCUs and giving those programs some shine time!

   LV:  Love for Virgil

     When considering the brilliant minds of modern fashion and design... there are a few names of young creatives that come to mind.  Over a decade ago we were wowed by the direction and elevation Olivier Rousteing was able to provide for the incredible fashion house - Balmain.  In the year 2018... wewere all so excited to see a fresh face with a fresh perspective when the fashion staple Louis Vuitton named Virgil Abloh as the Creative Director for menswear.

      It did not take long for Virgil's appointment to the position to bring an obvious influence of the resurging of all things LV!  Hip Hop has always set the stage for the hottest fashion trends and designers... so it was no surprise to see all the flyest artists and influencers wearing Louis heavy again.  

Fab in LV.PNG
LV - Virgil Tribute.PNG
Bentleys - LV Tribute.PNG


       Many have been inspired by Virgil's ability to unite people through his vibrant design and forward-thinking fashion.  In his untimely passing at the close of 2021 , the designer had already designed his next collection and was ready to debut the collection to the world.  The reveal was not intended to be a tribute - but proved to be one of incredible innovation and awe-inspiring design just as the countless pieces worn on our favorite stars and sent down the runway by Virgil Abloh.

     Just another example of the importance of following your passion and living in your purpose.  When you're doing the work - you don't have to worry about immediate results or instant influence... your authenticity will attract all of that.

Thank You Virgil from B.G.L.U. for Your contributions to Fashion and the Culture. 


      There are a few shows that we already Love on television... like Tyler Perry's Sista's and the Power Series - but in 2022 there will be some new television drama to tune into.  The new Netflix series titled "Harlem" starring Megan Good is one to watch.  As if seeing Megan Good on the big screen is not good enough... the show has a very captivating storyline.

      This show not only covers the many aspects and complications of living life as a young adult, but it also touches on individual issues that most often reveal themselves in the midst of intimate relationships.  The show is fashionable, fly, and sprinkles in raw topics with a touch of funny.  The show premiered at the top of January 2022.... let's give these ladies some support - B.G.L.U. will be tuning in for this!

Ms. Good.PNG
     A Journal for Jordan 
Journal for Jordan.PNG
Denzel & Michael.PNG


     Swizzr and Timbaland came through and brought such a fresh perspective to intimate performances and musical nostalgia with Verzuz battles.   It brought an intimate perspective to the music again - all while doing it from a distance in our living rooms.  The two legendary producers got a lot of backlash from fans when they announced that they were going to be selling a part of Verzuz to another company - Triller.


     Now - these two legends have not only taken things next level by partnering with the social media company "Triller"- now they are taking the business public. This not only gives the artists a chance to invest in their craft, themselves and their peers, it also allows the fans a chance for a slice of the pie!  This is major which is why so many artists and others in and out of the industry are already invested.  The IPO is set to launch later in the year.  Salute to Swizz Beatz and Timbaland for creating a space in which hip hop artists and creatives are able to get back revenue for all that is poured into the culture. 

       It's also the perfect season to get cozy under a blanket, grab your favorite snack and watch a good movie.  One of the movies that Brilliant Girls Link Up recommends is "A Journal for Jordan".  This film based on a true story; is one of heroism, inspiration and love.  The film is directed by Denzel Washington, who had the opportunity to bring Jordan's Mother on set to provide insight.


        Michael B. Jordan plays the role of First Sgt. Charles Monroe King (Jordan's Father) - whose heartfelt instruction in the form of a 200 page journal to his unborn son - is what compelled Denzel and his partner to bring this story to the big screen.  Make this a part of your binge watching this winter.... who can resist the best kind of love story.  

   A Trill Deal: TrillVerz IPO

Swizzy & Timbo.PNG

Who's already Invested...??

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Gladys and Patti.PNG
21 Savage.PNG
Oscar de la Hoya.PNG
E. Badu.PNG
    People's Champ 
"Young Dolph" 

    In November 2021, Hip Hop lost one of the flyest rappers to come along since Fab and 2Chainz, Young Dolph - born Adolph Robert Thornton Jr..  He was gunned down in his hometown Memphis, Tennessee- and left behind his two children and long time love, in addition to a host of family and friends, and a city who adored what he did for the people - that's really what making it is all about right?!  

     B.G.L.U. is disheartened by the redundant narrative when it comes to the Kings who understand the Bigger Picture.  Nipsey said "he was seeing things from a bird's eye view" - which speaks volumes because in order to really serve Your People you have to be willing to look within AND outside of yourself.  Dolph spoke often on the importance of spending time alone so that he could think clearly and plan out what he needed to do... but he also understood that keeping your blessings to yourself.  He built an empire hat his young bulls could use as a foundation for feeding their families and a stepping stone for being their own boss.  

     Another example of a Young King who needed his "flowers" while he was here.... too often we wait until the real ones are gone.  In honor of not forgetting that we are working for our Legacy everyday...this issue's People's Champ goes to Young Dolph.  Check out these clips of Dolph giving gems and showing love to a neighborhood kid who "beat" him in basketball!!.  What will You leave behind??.... 


       Brilliant Girls Link Up does not Own the Rights to this Video 

       Brilliant Girls Link Up does not Own the Rights to this Video 

         HU$TLERS      &        HEROES 
Ye - Moon Man.PNG
Kanye & Drake.PNG

       Kanye West  

    We shouldn't be surprised to see the producer and writer of "All of the Lights" is finding his way right back to the limelight!  Now that "Ye'" has emerged to remind us of his musical genius once again.  The rapper/producer headlined and hosted his first Live show in years, as a benefit concert in support of his Chi Town brethren - Larry Hoover.  

    True to his persona - Ye'came out with Drake... and made his way to the center of the stage that was very reminiscent of images of a man walking on the moon.  He performed a range of his music, reminding us of his massive catalog.  Perhaps this is a part of the reason that he has been booked to headline Coachella 2022, alongside Billie Eilish!!  Not that he is short on any bag - with his Yeezy x Adidas collaboration and his cool collaboration with Gap - changing the dynamic per usual.  

    In addition to his clothing and closing deals with big brands, he is also doing for the youth through Donda Academy.   The school's basketball team is one to watch.  We see you Mr. West... this issue of B.G.L.U.'s  Hu$tler's  Award goes to you.  

Ye Workin.PNG
Coachella 22.PNG