Healthy Habits 

If you're a woman on the go who loves to keep herself together, then you know how hard it is to balance being fit and fabulous with being a go-getter, wife or girlfriend, mother, sister, and friend.  Each of these roles means somethings different to every woman; but they are all important to us - so they require a great deal of our time and attention.  As women we are naturally nurturing and in many cases we tend to be the caregivers and providers for those around us.  One thing that we must remind ourselves in our loving and caring for others - "If we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of everyone else".  The Healthy Habits segment is intended to provide information regarding tips on incorporating healthy lifestyle practices in your daily routine for a more toned body, the health of your flower (vaginal health), and encourages the need for peace of mind.  Enjoy the journey to a balanced and healthy life!!       

Healing is a Part of Good Health

        There is one thing that every one of us desires to find in our friendships and relationships... is someone who understands who we are and where and what we come from.  One of the hottest topics on many platforms right now is mental health; and the importance of being more open about the issues that we all face but in varying forms.  The Black community has not always been receptive to the idea of divulging information to a stranger.... particularly when it puts us in a vulnerable state. Luckily... we are in a time in which more and more people are beginning to understand that our minds, our thoughts and emotions require preventive care as well!!   

      The "Just Heal Bro Tour" is one example of the effort being made by many to bring more awareness to mental health.  This is hosted by a panel of black men from various backgrounds and professions.... and was created by Hope Allen - she is the CEO/Director of the talent management agency - Living Hope Company.   Hope partnered with Mental Health therapist... who is the author of a new Journal-Book for men titled "Just Heal Bro".. to create a nation wide tour to promote and encourage the individual work required to heal from past hurts and trauma.  The panel is composed of black professional athletes, therapists and businessmen.    


     The tour is open to men only... ages 13 and up.  It is FREE to Register for the Event... and the Tour is going through the Fall of 2022, closing out with shows in Tennessee and Louisiana.  Please check out the dates on the website to see if this healing opportunity is coming to a city near you.  

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       Just Heal Bro Tour 

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**Please Note:  Although we do the research and obtain the input and expertise of a few of the professionals that we have linked up with in the healthcare industry.... We encourage and advise you to be responsible and attentive to your own body and overall health - Be Sure to schedule your Annual Physical Exam with your Primary Care Provider and all other necessary visits to ensure that All is Well.**