Healthy Habits 

If you're a woman on the go who loves to keep herself together, then you know how hard it is to balance being fit and fabulous with being a go-getter, wife or girlfriend, mother, sister, and friend.  Each of these roles means somethings different to every woman; but they are all important to us - so they require a great deal of our time and attention.  As women we are naturally nurturing and in many cases we tend to be the caregivers and providers for those around us.  One thing that we must remind ourselves in our loving and caring for others - "If we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of everyone else".  The Healthy Habits segment is intended to provide information regarding tips on incorporating healthy lifestyle practices in your daily routine for a more toned body, the health of your flower (vaginal health), and encourages the need for peace of mind.  Enjoy the journey to a balanced and healthy life!!       

          Have a Happy & Healthy New Year  
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    Brilliant Girls Link Up is excited about the new year.... and at the very TOP of our agenda is Happiness and Health!! This does not have to be a goal to be achieved alone - get your entire household or group of friends in on this mission.  

      We know the weather is rapidly changing in all parts of the country.... but don't make that the excuse not to do the work.  Make the whole house take ten minutes of silence and breathing or incorporate your kids in your ten minute yoga/floor routine.  Kids can be just as competitive as adults - where do you think it starts Lol!!  Give your kids a challenge (ex: who can sit still for five minutes straight.... or who can do 10 crunches back to back).  This allows you your time to workout or meditate without them as a distraction from it.

       Please believe - Brilliant Girls Link Up knows how hectic life can be - taking care of households, maintaining businesses and everything in between.  Don't let excuses for prioritization of your (and your family's health) creep into 22'

No matter how you decide to take on and embrace the new year  - just be sure to Take Care of Yourself.  

Some of the Most Powerful Practices for finding Happiness and Good Health are done from a place of High Vibration or "Good Energy"... see a few of our favorite tips to do so:

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                 **MESSAGE: Please Do Your Part to Stay Healthy & Stay Safe.  Wash Your Hands & Wear Your Masks**  

**Please Note:  Although we do the research and obtain the input and expertise of a few of the professionals that we have linked up with in the healthcare industry.... We encourage and advise you to be responsible and attentive to your own body and overall health - Be Sure to schedule your Annual Physical Exam with your Primary Care Provider and all other necessary visits to ensure that All is Well.**