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Healthy Habits 

If you're a woman on the go who loves to keep herself together, then you know how hard it is to balance being fit and fabulous with being a go-getter, wife or girlfriend, mother, sister, and friend.  Each of these roles means somethings different to every woman; but they are all important to us - so they require a great deal of our time and attention.  As women we are naturally nurturing and in many cases we tend to be the caregivers and providers for those around us.  One thing that we must remind ourselves in our loving and caring for others - "If we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of everyone else".  The Healthy Habits segment is intended to provide information regarding tips on incorporating healthy lifestyle practices in your daily routine for a more toned body, the health of your flower (vaginal health), and encourages the need for peace of mind.  Enjoy the journey to a balanced and healthy life!!       

stretch your mind... expand the possibilities 

     We spend so much time working and training our bodies to look better... but in this issue of B.G.L.U.'s Healthy Habits - we are taking notes from 19_Keys on how to create habits that improve our internal as well as our external.  There are a plethora of clips and 12-minute workouts for us to improve how we look... but it is far more important to be attentive to how we think.  In this short clip 19_Keys makes the correlation between our training our bodies to extend physical limitations and our ability to stretch our minds to expand our belief in what is possible.  

   As a society, we have been living in a time in which there has been far more attention paid to our nutritional health... but giving the attention to the way that we "think" is equally as important as the thought we put into what we eat.  Food is good for your body, but what we allow to seep into our mental state should also be of good quality.  Check out this video clip of 19_Keys dropping gems and giving us the encouragement needed to stretch ourselves.. to reach beyond what we once thought was impossible.   Many times we find that we have been our only limitation; we hope that you enjoy and take something away from the message to incorporate in your healthy habits in the coming days/weeks.

          Brilliant Girls Link Up does Not Own the Rights to this Video

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