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Healthy Habits 

If you're an entrepreneur on the go who loves to keep yourself together, then you know how hard it is to balance being fit and fly with being a go-getter and wearing many hats.  Each role that we play in Life means somethings different to everyone; but they are all important to us - so they require a great deal of our time and attention.   One thing that we must remind ourselves in our loving and caring for others - "If we do not take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of everyone else".  The Healthy Habits segment is intended to provide information regarding tips on incorporating healthy lifestyle practices in your daily routine for a healthier Mind, Body & Spirit.  Enjoy the journey to a balanced and healthy life!!       

Get Some sun

    It's one of our favorite seasons of the year.....Summer!!!  This is the time to get outside and get into Life!!!  Everyday is indeed a gift; but there is something about the days of Summer that bring a different energy into the atmosphere; not to mention that being outdoors is therapeutic in itself.  Of course sunlight provides essentials for our health like an improved immune system, strengthens bones because of the Vitamin D, and helps to boosts your mood... so Get Up and Get Out!

This issue of Brilliant Girls Link Up - Healthy Habits section is focusing on living your best life and getting outside for some fun.  We love the way @_Kreative_Kurves_ and @19_keys have made the most of the scenery outside of their normal environments (Go follow them for more inspiration).  Do something good for your health... something that feels good to your body and soul, catch a workout on the beach, book a trip (long or short) - or do all of it.  Do what suits you.... but please - Go Enjoy This Life... YOUR LIFE!!  It's the healthiest habit that you can practice on a daily basis.

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