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Professional Prowess 

There is NO Question that Women are Go-Getters by Nature.... why else would God choose Us to Bear Children, Build Up and Build with our Men... & still have something left to give Ourselves and Sister/Friends in Support of being the Fiercest Creatures on Earth!!  There is something to be said about the woman who can handle home and handle the office.  It is important that we teach one another what we learn, encourage the enhancement and honing of skills for progression, and take notes on keeping it corporate/casual but cute in the workplace.  The Professional Prowess segment is laid out like a Business Plan... sure to Get You in Gear for your Next Endeavor or Encourage the Development of the Skills you are using in your current Business or Project.


Curated & Hosted by Dequonna Wise & Jametta Chandler-Moore in Charlotte, NC

Women play many roles and often times feel as if we are burning at both ends... but when we have a support system that can help to relight our fire.  The Women Ignite event in Charlotte, N.C. was one of the events this Spring that helped to ignite the fire of many women.  B.G.L.U. had the honor of covering the event and being a part of this amazing experience curated by Dequonna Wise and co-hosted by Jametta Chandler-Moore.  The event was held on a rainy Saturday morning.... but even the rain could not stop the love in that room from shining through.  



There were women all ages, of all backgrounds, and with a variation of stories of triumph, strength and endurance; but the moments of real vulnerability are the ones that made this a unique experience.   Too often - women have to wear so many hats, it can be hard to find time to put the "superwoman"... "supermom" cape down - but in that space, on that day - we all felt comfortable to do so.   It was an opportunity to link up with so many amazing women.... and Brilliant Girls Link Up was honored to be a part and to capture such a beautiful moment among Queens.   Check out this clip of the Post-Event Interview with the event Hosts and the B.G.L.U.Creator & Editor.. Makeda Nantambu. Be sure to follow these ladies at @iamcoachwise and @jamettachandlermoore so that you don't miss the opportunity to attend their events and support their brands and businesses.  Thank You Again Ladies.

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