Professional Prowess 

There is NO Question that Women are Go-Getters by Nature.... why else would God choose Us to Bear Children, Stick by - Hold Up & Hold Down Men... & still have something left to give Ourselves and Sister/Friends in Support of being the Fiercest Creatures on Earth!!  There is something to be said about the woman who can handle home and handle the office.  It is important that we teach one another what we learn, encourage the enhancement and honing of skills for progression, and take notes on keeping it corporate/casual but cute in the workplace.  The Professional Prowess segment is laid out like a Business Plan... sure to Get You in Gear for your Next Promotion or Encourage the Development of the Skills you are using in your current Position.


         Building a Business..... Growing Your Brand 


       One of the hardest but most important parts of being an entrepreneur is learning to take the losses as a part of the Journey!!  It is not easy to make decisions about which risks are wise to take - but you have to understand the business and particularly your market - in order to figure out what will work for you to grow a successful business and brand.   If you never get the bigger picture and the work that has to be put in - you won't know what it takes to WIN! Check Out this Video with Gary Vee and an Entrepreneur inquiring about what it takes to successfully Grow Your Business.  

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