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Professional Prowess 

There is NO Question that Women are Go-Getters by Nature.... why else would God choose Us to Bear Children, Stick by - Hold Up & Hold Down Men... & still have something left to give Ourselves and Sister/Friends in Support of being the Fiercest Creatures on Earth!!  There is something to be said about the woman who can handle home and handle the office.  It is important that we teach one another what we learn, encourage the enhancement and honing of skills for progression, and take notes on keeping it corporate/casual but cute in the workplace.  The Professional Prowess segment is laid out like a Business Plan... sure to Get You in Gear for your Next Promotion or Encourage the Development of the Skills you are using in your current Position.


first class conversations...
real women- real talk!

     2022 was eventful and surprising - but despite loss and so much uncertainty across the globe- it was what it was meant to be.  We still cannot overlook the fact that last year we witnessed a plethora of events, took in a ton of information and endured a number of struggles throughout.  The good thing is that if you are checking out this issue of Brilliant Girls Link Up... you've survived - whether bumped and bruised or unscathed and smooth - you made it!

   It's that time though; time for us to reset as we are once again stepping into unfamiliar territory... not knowing what this year will bring - but ready for anything.    Our forever First Lady Michelle Obama has been shining her light and sharing her wisdom in recent months - with the release of her latest book "The Light We Carry".  In this issue of Professional Prowess.  We wanted to share this to remind you that although the standard that you set in business is important; the standard that you set for yourself as a human being is more important and hopefully - impactful.  

    There are so many things in life that are uncertain...... but despite what is unknown - we can find reassurance in knowing that resiliance in business and in life is important for our success.  In this first quarter of the year - let's bring our best selves to the office/table every single day.

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