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This is a site designed to provide information on a plethora of topics from health and wellness, to diet and exercise, fashion and fun, empowerment and entrepreneurship!  It is also intended to serve as a Go-to-Guide for brilliant women in business to find listings for consulting and services in various industries.  Being a woman requires a great deal of strength, poise, patience, delicacy, and confidence.  There is enough pressure with all of society's unrealistic "ideal" images portrayed on the many forms of broadcast and social media without having to worry about competing with another woman for the right to be a boss.  More than being a boss, we want to be fabulous and fierce, but also worthy and respected.  Brilliant Girls Link Up seeks to inspire women of all ages and races to first understand the power of knowing and loving yourself, and then understand the power of embracing ALL that it means to have been created a WOMAN.  We are all here for a purpose, and to figure out what your purpose is - you must first know who you are.  There is power in collaboration, and Brilliant Girls Link Up equips women of many backgrounds with the tools and insight to collaborate with like-minded women and to uplift and be uplifted by those who share so many common interests, cares, challenges, insecurities, and passions.  It takes work when you are striving to become the best version of yourself, but we must all become our best selves in order to see our best future!  We have daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and so many others looking to us to lead - now is the time.  Lets lead with love, uplift with inspiration and encouragement, and prosper through the power of collaboration.... all we have to do is Link Up!  

"Here's to Strong Women..... May We Know Them.  May We Be Them.  May We Raise Them."



"If One is Lucky, One Solitary Fantasy can Totally Transform One Million Realities"

                                                                                                                                                                       -Maya Angelou  

Brains Behind the Business...

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      Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina - I had a strong foundation in my parents.  Loved, Raised and Guided by a God-fearing, Praying Mother and an UnApologetically Black and Proud Preacher for a Father... Sister to a Fierce and Fabulous Sister and an Intelligent and candidly Cool Brother.... and Loyal Friend/Family to some Really Dope Friends/Family - so I got the Best of Everything in Me... and Real Love all around Me.  Proud to be a tenacious South Carolina State University Bulldog (of which I was only made aware of through my participation while a student at West Charlotte High School in the Campus Connections Program founded in Charlotte, NC... special thanks to the Baucoms !).  I finished with my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology  and then worked multiple jobs while earning a Masters in Health Administration.

      Brilliant Girls Link Up is sharing information on women's health, professional prowess; along with tips for women and young girls trying to find their way and make their mark on the world.  Letting you know what's happening in music, fashion, or in the community.  I hope people are also able to use this page to reach out to people in industries of interest to them whether it is for services or networking.

        So much of Who I Am is Attributed to the Faith I Have and the Hard Work I put In....  My Hope is that the Links here Lead Others to Happiness, Better Health, Fun Fashions, Cool Music, Bubbling Business and Back to the Page Time and Time Again!  Enjoy Brilliant Girls Link Up...!!!!!!!

Makeda A. M. Nantambu

FRESH PERSPECTIVE:  Meet the Content Contributors 

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      If Brilliant Girls Link Up is going to bring in content contributors...... it's only right that we get a Queen with Brains, Beauty and an eccentric style of creativity!!  Sesaney is not only good for the soul... but good for your healing - as a therapist she has an edge about her because of her eclectic style and deep appreciation for all of the arts!!  A woman with talent and an appreciation for many things from hip hop and writing.... to athleticism and reading... to good food and good music.  

     She is a spiritual woman with a welcoming vibe - which is naturally a part of her ability to heal.  As an entrepreneur and CEO of Ses Care, BWAE, and Lashed By Ses... she is lending her voice and sharing her gifts in new content here and on the B.G.L.U. Vision YouTube Channel.  Sesaney Sade is here to give all the Brilliant girls gems to help them navigate to their Gateway to Healing.

     Sesaney Sade

      Cool demeanor with a love for the game and the grind.... born and raised in Port City USA (Wilmington, NC) and the youngest of three brothers - Dante is bringing the stats and facts with an ease of conversation.  As a proud Aggie/Graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University  ... from which he received a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology in addition to his 10+ years experience in behavioral health - he is not one to back down from a good debate.  

     A man with ambition... he is the Co-Owner of TNT Cleaning Solutions; and the Co-Creator of a new Podcast that will be featured here and on the B.G.L.U. Vision YouTube channel.  Using his avid love for sports.... having played varsity sports in high school - Dante is going to bring his fresh perspective to the forefront!!

Screenshot 2023-08-05 1.28.10 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-07-15 6.35.54 PM.png

    This Carolina King has a knack for many things.... being a Charlotte native with roots in both sides of the Carolinas - he came to reign and conquer as an entrepreneur.  As the CEO of Reign Noir Clothing and APG (Apply Pressure Graphics)... A.J. is tapped into the aesthetic of the culture and All things Black!!

    His ability to delve into dialogue about a plethora of things from Music, to Art, to Sports....evokes a fresh thought or interest every time he is in discussion or debate.  As Co-Creator of a new podcast 

that will be featured here and on the B.G.L.U. Vision YouTube channel, A.J. will bring fresh perspective and abstract ideas to the matters of the culture..  


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